Under Lock & Key: How to Keep Your E-Bike Safe and Secure

One of the greatest joys of owning an e-bike is the ability to zoom around paths, roads, and all across our great cities and towns. But a constant threat to any bicycle owner, especially a fancy, modern e-bike, is their preponderance for theft. That’s why it’s vitally important to keep your e-bike safe and secure under lock and key.

Consider for a moment that of the millions of bicycles in a city like Amsterdam, a bicycle thief will almost always choose one that is new or looks like it can command a higher price than a ratty old bicycle. That’s why many advocate for riding used bicycles, but a good lock and key system will help protect bicycles of any kind so long as they’re robust and dependable.

Pirez carries a great selection of bicycle locks perfect for e-bikes (or regular bikes, if that’s your thing). Below are our top three:

  • Combination Coiled Lock

Our Onguard Coiled Lock (Combo) is certainly one mean lock. Coiled locks are great because they’re convenient and flexible, so no matter where you’re parking your bicycle there’s surely some configuration for you to lock up your bicycle safely.

This lock is coated in vinyl in order to protect against the elements whilst also giving it a comfortable texture and grip suitable for cyclists that wear gloves. Moreover, the combination lock system is easily accessed without having to remove gloves as well.

What’s even better is that when not in use, the lock coils up into a conveniently small size for easy storage in your rucksack or bag.

  • Compact U-Lock

A big part of hitting the open roads and trails for leisure or for commuting is keeping weight down in order to promote a stress-free and safe ride. For cyclists concerned about weight (and many traditional bicycle locks are relatively heavy), the Compact U-Lock is an excellent addition for safety and convenience in a small package.

Yes, it’s small, but it doesn’t compromise on security. Equipped with a dual-lock and quad-lock system and bump-resistant cylinders all over a strengthened steel core, this lock is ideal for just about any cyclist.

This lock is also brightly coloured so any prospective thieves will quickly realise what they’re up against before even considering their criminal deed.

  • Smart Alarm U-Lock

At first glance, the Smart Alarm U-Lock looks just like an ordinary U-lock (nothing wrong with ordinary U-locks!), but notice the word ‘smart’. It isn’t just a catchy marketing term, but rather a built-in feature of this robust lock.

Any attempts made to tamper with the lock will result in a loud 120dB alarm going off, which ought to scare off any potential thieves now that the entire neighbourhood’s paying attention.

Using this U-lock is about as simple as it gets thanks to a quick lock release system and laser-cut keys that provide a perfectly snug fit for easy dismantling and storage in your bag.

Moreover, the lock itself is extremely resistant to sawing, drilling, or jacking with tools as many thieves attempt to do with lesser locks. For supreme security, this lock is really a no-brainer.


Keep your bicycle or e-bike safe and secure no matter where you’ve parked it with quality lock and key accessories available at Pirez.

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