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With e-bikes surging in popularity worldwide, many people wonder what the effects are on health when compared to other modes of transport. For over a century, the bicycle has evolved into a healthy activity for many, in addition to getting from point A to point B. Naturally, these conventional, non-electric bicycles are powered by human muscle whereas e-bikes can sometimes be operated without breaking a sweat. How is this healthy?

In tandem with the rise in their popularity, there is evidence emerging that e-bikes are a healthy pastime and commuting choice for a variety of reasons.

Here are five health benefits of riding e-bikes:

1. Encourages a healthier lifestyle

It may sound obvious but choosing to ride an e-bike is healthier than staying inactive.

For those living unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles, e-bikes are a great incentive to get off the couch and to experience the joy of riding an e-bike without exerting oneself excessively.

Although traditional bicycles tend to engage users better in terms of exercise than e-bike users, e-bike users tend to make up a large section of the population that would not otherwise be motivated to get into cycling. Therefore, e-bikes are great at encouraging people to get into exercising gradually.

In addition to this e-bikes are often not used in replacement of a regular bike but rather in replacement of driving a car or using public transport. They provide an alternate means of transport which is viable and accessible to a wider demographic, including people with disabilities or with health issues such as arthritis whereby a regular bicycle is not suitable for riding long distances.

It also means that you can keep up with more experienced or able-bodied riders whereby you may not have the stamina or physical conditioning to keep up. This also supports mental health and well being as it enhances your social interaction.

2. Increases cardiovascular fitness

Although it’s possible to set many e-bike motors to operate without any human pedalling required, most users choose to use at least some pedalling power, thereby stimulating cardiovascular exercise.

Examples of this can be using electric mountain bikes for climbing hills in rural areas and mountainous terrain or road e-bikes for long trips to work on city streets or exploring bike trails through the suburbs. Keeping healthy heart rates and blood flow are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is not recommended to use an e-bike as a type of scooter by using the throttle only. Pedalling is and should be required, although the necessary resistance will be determined by the pedal assist level selected by the user through the display unit. The motors are primarily designed for pedal assist.

Adding a motor and battery to an existing conventional bike obviously increases the overall weight of the bike meaning that if you are after an endurance ride purely for exercise you can simply turn the motor off and use your e-bike the same way as you would a regular bike. It would be in fact, more challenging due to the added weight.

Once you become exhausted or have met your exercise requirements, you can simply turn on your display and motor and breeze back home.

E-bikes allow you to experience the best of both worlds.

3. Spending more time outdoors

E-bike users tend to spend more time outdoors. Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bike users on average spend more time on their e-bikes, perhaps due to the less intense exercise or due to daily use for commuting.

E-bikes such as electric commuter bikes are practical modes of commuting since workplaces don’t need to be retrofitted to contain showers and changerooms for sweaty employees.

Also, consider that e-bikes are an alternative to automobiles for many commuters. By switching to e-bikes for commuting instead of sitting in a car, you’re spending anywhere from an hour a day or more outdoors getting fresh air.

4. Healthier than commuting by car

As mentioned in the previous point, commuting by car only promotes an increasingly sedentary lifestyle which is widely regarded as unhealthy. “Sitting is the new smoking,” as the saying goes. E-bikes are a much healthier way of commuting since they can encourage you to stand and balance yourself whilst riding or stopping and to pedal part of your trip rather than staying seated behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Something of interest for those wanting to pedal instead of drive, could also consider the option of an  Electric Folding Bike. A folding bike can be easily folded and carried on public transport, stored in a cupboard or under a desk or carried in the boot or back seat of your car. This provides for infinite and flexible possibilities to your commuting options.

5. Feels great

One of the most surprising benefits that came about as an externality to research in e-bikes is that unhealthy study participants had a blast riding their e-bikes frequently.

By engaging in an activity that’s enjoyable, emotional wellbeing is increasingly associated with outdoor activity that’s healthy. This, in turn, may encourage more people who would otherwise lead inactive, unhealthy lives to picking up an e-bike and transitioning to a more active lifestyle.

This means an e-bike can help treat and prevent a range of mental health issues such as depression. This is because cycling and exposure to the outdoors, can help to reduce inflammation and aid in neural growth, which will often lead to feelings of calmness, relaxation and tranquillity.

E-Biking can also provide a healthy outlet that can be a distraction, which can be particularly effective for those who are overwhelmed by depressive thoughts.

Numerous e-Bike riders have expressed the sense of peace from being outdoors and particularly cycling, which have actively contributed to treating their depression by bringing them mental and physical clarity, thus becoming a healing process in itself.

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