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Lekkie Buzz Bar 160mmLekkie Buzz Bar 160mm
Lekkie Bling Ring 46T BBSLekkie Bling Ring 46T BBS
Speed Sensor - Extension CableSpeed Sensor - Extension Cable
Gear/throttle/brake extension cableGear/throttle/brake extension cable
BBSHD Rotor (24mm)BBSHD Rotor (24mm)
Lock Ring Nut Socket (4 Pin)Lock Ring Nut Socket (4 Pin)
Lekkie Bling Ring 28T BBSHDLekkie Bling Ring 28T BBSHD
Kill SwitchKill Switch
Bafang Brake LeversBafang Brake Levers
Gasket for Motor core of BBSHD
Lekkie Bling Ring 28T BBS

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