The bare minimum would be:

* a mid-drive conversion kit (includes most necessary components)

* a compatible battery.

To assist with the installation we also offer:

 Pirez Installation Tool Kit

This provides most of the tools needed to complete an installation. You may already have some of these tools, but again we suggest as a minimum to buy the mid-drive installation tool, which can be purchased separately.


To ensure that a motor sits perfect on your bike and correctly aligned with your chainline, we provide a Pirez Fit Kit, which includes washers, spacers and longer screws that will help position the motor perfectly.


Other recommendations:

- Installing a gear sensor which cuts off the motor when changing gears.

- Upgrading the chainring to a premium Lekkie Bling Ring. These have a narrow-wide tooth pattern which vastly minimizes chain derailment and has increased durability by thickening the teeth.

There are two (2) main things you need to take into consideration when determining whether your bike can be converted. 

 1.    Bottom Bracket Size

 The predominant bottom bracket size is 68mm-73mm.

If your bike has a bottom bracket between these sizes then any of our mid-drive motors will fit onto your bike.


If your bottom bracket is larger, our 1000w motors also come in two (2) other sizes to suit 100mm and 120mm.

These are generally suited to dual suspension bikes and Fat bikes.


2.    Battery Style

Your bike will need somewhere to position the battery.

We have a wide variety of compatible batteries suited to the differing bike styles, including:

^ Downtube

^ Frog

^ Rectangle

^ Rear Rack

^ Silverfish

^ Triangle

^ Water Bottle

To determine whether a battery will fit onto your bike, you will need to measure your bike and simply compare it to the measurements provided in the specifications tab on the product page listing on our website for your preferred battery style. 


If your bike has hydraulic brakes there is the option of using hydraulic brake sensors but they are not mandatory.

These sensors will shut down the motor when the brakes are engaged.


It is not necessary to install theses hydraulic brake sensors as the motor cuts out automatically when you stop pedaling or release the throttle anyway, but many people still prefer to use them as an extra safety factor. 


Payment options available on our website include:

·      Paypal

·      Afterpay

·      ZipPay

·      Credit Card

If these options are not suitable, we also offer bank deposit or cash payments.

Note: ONLINE credit card transactions may require payment verification prior to goods being dispatched. This can take a few days to process.

This is to protect cardholders being impacted by fraudulent transactions.


If you are in a hurry to receive your purchased items,

·      the fastest ONLINE payment options are Paypal, AfterPay, ZipPay

·      the fastest IN STORE payment options are Cash or Credit Card.


Please feel free to phone us to discuss your options further.

We aim to dispatch most orders within 48 hours, however bikes may take longer as they are all custom built.

Our estimated delivery times within Australia are:

VIC: ........................ 2-3 days
ACT : ...................... 2-3 days

NSW: ..................... 2-3 days

SA: ......................... 2-3 days

QLD: ...................... 4 days

TAS: ....................... 4-6 days

WA: ........................ 6 days

NT: ......................... 6 days

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


Any style of battery can be used with any motor, it just depends if it can be positioned appropriately on your style of bike.

Compatibility depends on VOLTAGE

^ 36V motors must be powered by a 36V battery.

^ 48V motors can be powered by either a 48V or 52V battery.

The 52V battery will give the motor more torque.

^ 52V motors must be powered by a 52V battery.

At Pirez we offer a customised battery service if our standard sized batteries do not suit your needs.

You will need to provide us with the following:

1. Style of battery

2. Dimensions of battery

3. Voltage of battery

4. Amp hours (Ah) of battery

5. Preferred brand of 18650 cells

6. Type of device being powered.

7. Power output of application device (Amps & Watts of the motor)

Standard delivery would take approximately 8 weeks.

Express delivery would take approximately 3 weeks.

They can be expensive, but we strive to help where possible.

Please email us with the battery specifications required and we will get back to you with a quote. 

If you are storing your battery for a long period of time it is recommended to store it above 50% charge.

Be sure to check the battery every couple of months and recharge it to ensure the battery doesn’t completely discharge. This will also keep the BMS awake and ensure the longevity of your battery.

Batteries are best kept stored indoors at room temperature.



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