Make the most out of your kids electric bike with these four tips

Like the domination of hybrid and electric-based cars, electric bikes follow a similar trend as they begin to become a popular alternative to traditional pedal bikes. At Pirez, we’re up to date with all things electric bike related. Our area of expertise lies in building, riding and converting e-bikes. When it comes to kids' electric bikes, we have specifically designed solutions so the young ones can join in the fun. Our guide to children’s e-bikes breaks down four innovative uses and benefits for the entire family. 

1. Know What to Look Out For 

A common mistake is starting your child off with an electric bike designed for adult use. Just like traditional bikes, beginning with a smaller bike designed especially for child use is a safer and more effective alternative.

To ensure your e-bike is child safe, look out for key features such as the motor specifications.

For child use, the more compact and lightweight a motor is, the safer it is. A small motor ensures greater control in any situation. Additionally, an extra sensitive motor is ideal given that children lack the leg power required for adult motors. Thus, a sensitive motor ensures braking and turns occur without delay. Another crucial child-safe modification is a motor with moderate power, so as to not overwhelm your child. 

2. A Healthy Hobby

In Australia, it is recommended children between the ages of 5 and 17 get at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity each day. With a growing trend in pre-teens spending more time behind screens and less time outdoors, investing in an electric bike can be a beneficial way to avoid your child going down a sedentary pathway. 

3. Flexibility 

Acting as a precursor to getting their driver’s licence, kids’ electric bikes allow your children to experience independence through transport on their own.

At the same time, enjoy more free time with the time saved at drop-offs.

E-bikes offer additional flexibility, particularly if your family regularly spends time outdoors. From avid trail riders to mountain bikers, it can be difficult to find time for your favourite activities whilst juggling your childrens’  commitments. With kids’ e-bikes, the fitness level is equalised for all family members, ensuring you and your children can spend quality time biking in nature.

More quality time - family time shared adventures

4. Safety Considerations 

Arguably one of the most crucial factors when your child is riding their e-bike, is the safety considerations that go hand in hand with it. 

Helmet Use 

Acting almost as an insurance policy, in the event of an unprecedented fall, it is critical to encourage helmet use when your children ride an electric bike. This also extends to any other similar vehicle, including scooters and traditional bikes.  

Limit Number of Riders 

Whilst an obvious safety consideration, limiting the number of riders each e-bike to no more than one is critical to ensure even weight distribution and prevent overexertion of the motor.


Remaining visible to others on the roads and footpaths at all times is crucial. Choosing a bike that comes with night lights, and wearing high visibility reflective clothing can go a long way in protecting your child. 

How Pirez Can Help 

We offer a range of child-safe electric bikes, designed for beginner riders manoeuvring steering and balance. With options for additional safety kits and pedal-free bikes, we put your child’s safety first, delivering quality bikes that reflect this. 

To learn more about which bike is best suited to your child’s needs, and how you can make the most of it, contact us today.

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