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Gear Sensor - Standard versionGear Sensor - Standard version
Hydraulic Brake SensorsHydraulic Brake Sensors
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Gear Sensor - Premium versionGear Sensor - Premium version
Programming CableProgramming Cable
Kill SwitchKill Switch
Main CableMain Cable
Speed Sensor - Extension CableSpeed Sensor - Extension Cable
Inline Brake SensorsInline Brake Sensors
Anderson Plug with cableAnderson Plug with cable
Splitter Cable - 2 to 1 - BafangSplitter Cable - 2 to 1 - Bafang
Extension Cable (Green) -  LCD DisplayExtension Cable (Green) -  LCD Display
Bafang Ultra - Main cable 1T4
Bafang Ultra - Speed Sensor
Battery Extension CableBattery Extension Cable
Bafang Ultra - Rear light cableBafang Ultra - Rear light cable
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DP-C14 Colour Display to switch extensionDP-C14 Colour Display to switch extension
Bafang Ultra - Front light cableBafang Ultra - Front light cable
Extension Cable (Orange) -  Recumbent BikesExtension Cable (Orange) -  Recumbent Bikes
Cable Ties (3.6mm x 300mm)
Bafang Ultra - Main cable 1T2
Extension Cable (Black)Extension Cable (Black)

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