Electric Trikes - A Beginner's Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Electric Trikes

For seniors (and teenagers!) who love to ride, electric tricycles or electric trikes are increasingly becoming a popular choice to get around town. These bikes are extremely sturdy and dependable, making it great for those with limited mobility. They can also provide plenty of benefits alongside accessibility without breaking your bank. 

In this guide, Pirez Bikes will explain everything a prospective buyer might want to know when riding one.


What are Electric Tricycles or Electric Trikes?

As the name suggests, electric trikes are bicycles with three wheels. There is one wheel at the front, and two running parallel at the back for added safety and comfort. There is also a motor attached that helps people with limited mobility travel far distances without over-exerting themselves.


How to Ride Electric Trikes

Since electric trikes are quite stable because of the three wheels, they are very easy to mount. In fact, it’s just like sitting on a chair. Just make sure that the: 

  • Motor is off, and the power is at 0. 
  • The ground is flat and not at a slow speed because you don’t want the trike to roll off. 

You want to grip the left break before stepping through and mounting.


Turning with Electric Trikes

Since these electric tricycles are wider than bicycles, you would need more room to turn. So, beware of your surrounding spaces. Moreover, unlike with traditional bikes, you do not need to check your balance much and lean. Just keep your weight centred in the middle. 

Do not ride your trikes on the edges, because if one of your wheels come off, you’ll be at risk of toppling over. You wouldn’t also be as nimble as with a traditional bike, so slow down and give yourself a wide berth when manoeuvring. 

Electric Trikes - For The Disabled and Elderly


Using the Motor

Like with any electric vehicle, electric trikes have a motor in the front or rear wheels. All you would need to activate it during riding is to use the pedal-assist or full-throttle feature. Adjust the power levels and pedalling form depending on your terrain. 

The motor makes it immensely easier to climb uphill or on rough patches. It also slightly changes the way you need to brake. While you would grip the brakes as normal, you would, however, need to act faster and give yourself more time to stop. 


Benefits of Electric Trikes

There are many reasons why these trikes are the new bad boys in town. The benefits are:

  • No need for formal lessons or licences
  • Can be ridden on paved surfaces, such as sidewalks, golf courses, bike paths and parks
  • Eco-friendly as it does not require petrol
  • Can be manoeuvred through traffic jams
  • Can be used on snow and dirt paths with the right fat tyres and motors

But as mentioned earlier, the most prominent benefit is that electric tricycles are safe and accessible. People with certain disabilities or mobility issues can easily use them for their daily transportation. Riding will help them stay fit without causing them any unwanted physical strain.


What Should You Look for in Electric Trikes?

Your electric tricycle should be easy to set up and built sturdily. It should have adjustable seats because ergonomics is key to riding safely. The bike would be fairly uncomplicated to assemble so don’t worry if you’re not a whiz with tools. . 

You can choose from an assortment of batteries to run your motor. The battery should supply enough power to go long distances without having to stop. Moreover, if you want to reduce the need for physical exertion as much as possible, check if your electric tricycle has both pedal assist and full-throttle.


Get Your Electric Trikes

If you want a fun and safe way to travel, you might want to give an electric tricycle a try. There are different options available depending on your situation. Contact Pirez Bikes today if you want more information.

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