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E bikes are not all about commuter electric bikes and riding to work around the city. E bikes are great for bike packing or enjoying a fun bike ride around with family and friends. That's why we have put this list of bike paths of all sorts of levels that you can in a breeze with a Pirez electric bike.

1. Lysterfield Park Mountain E Bike Trails:

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A beautiful park filled with gumtrees, kangaroos and city views. A short drive from the CBD, Lysterfield park has over 19 tracks with all difficulty levels. This is the perfect place to go with your electric mountain bike if you want to go on the harder track. If you are looking for a casual ride a hybrid e bike would be perfect to cruise around the park. A notable track is the Lake Circuit trail for a laid bike beautiful e bike ride.

2. The Great Dividing Trail With An E bike Melbourne

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Are you looking for a bike riding weekend? The Great Dividing Trail has plenty of different options for long bike trails. The trail is shared with walkers and mountain bikers, so get your electric mountain bike ready. It has a total of around 300 km where you can start and end in many different places. The trail passes near rivers and is lined by beautiful rainforests.

3. The Yarra Trail:

The Yarra Trail is a great option for those not wanting or being able to go far from Melbourne. It explores the wonders of the Yarra river. Using an ebike allows you to cruise along the 18 km track enjoying the view and Melbourne restaurants and cafes.

4. St Kilda to Mornington Return Through Two Bays Mount Eliza

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This is the perfect riding trail for a casual electric bike adventure. What would be more challenging and long for a traditional bike becomes a wonderful ride by the beach with a Pirez electric bike. The St Kilda to Mornington trail follows the coast all the way from St Kilda to the scenic Mornington. The climb to the two bays trail is well worth the effort for the amazing views you’ll get. This 110 km track is very accessible if you are leaving around melbourne and it has plenty of great food stops along the way.

5. Scenic Loop from Eltham to Kinglake

Riding an e-bike on the Scenic Loop from Eltham to Kinglake is a great experience. The electric assist allows for a smooth and effortless ride, even on the hilly terrain. The scenery along the route is beautiful, with lush forests and picturesque countryside views. The e-bike also allows for an environmentally friendly fast way of seeing the Eltham and Kinglake scenery. This trail is 80 km long.

Final Thoughts

Using your electric bike in Melbourne allows you to experience the scenery and what Melbourne has to offer in a relaxing and adventurous way. You are able to adapt the trails to the intensity level you are after. Further, you can also choose how much the e-bike helps you ride, making it very adaptable to your specific preference. 

To know which type of electric bike you will need for each of the trails or for your specific use, let a Pirez mechanic guide you. 

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