Your 101 Guide to Mid-Drive Electric Motors For Bikes

Whether it is a commuter electric bike, electric mountain bike, or electric road bike, the amount of use that electric bikes get in today’s age has increased exponentially. This is because they offer a wide array of benefits and create an overall better cycling experience. 

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What are Mid Drive Motors?

A mid-drive motor is a type of electronic motor used for e-bikes. Unlike hub motors which are installed in the wheel, mid-drive motors are installed in the middle of the bike frame close to the pedals, which helps to center the weight distribution of the bike. They are commonly used in high-end electric bicycles as they offer greater performance when compared to hub motors.


Mid-Drive Motor Benefits

Pirez - Benefits of Your Mid-Drive Electric Motor


  • Better weight distribution
  • Similar to a human-powered bike and therefore enables riders to have a more comfortable ride
  • Greater ability to climb long, steep paths, and are exceptionally more stable than rear hub and front hub-powered electric bikes 


  • May place stress on an e-bike’s component such as chains, cogs, and other parts which may decrease their durability over time
  • More expensive than hub motors


Mid-Drive vs Hub Motors: The Difference

The core differences between Mid-Drive and Hub Motors is their placement of the motor on the bike. Hub motors are built into one of the wheels, which causes an uneven weight distribution in the bike. As opposed to mid-drive motors, which are placed between the pedals, allowing for a better center of gravity.


Additionally, mid-drive motors drive power through the drivetrain of the bike, turning the chain and rear wheel. Whereas hub motors only drive the wheel they are attached to.


Before Buying an E-Bike

For more information about the differences, watch the video provided. 

Before You Buy an eBike: Hub-Drive vs Mid-Drive Motors | Biktrix Electric Bikes - YouTube

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