Mid Drive Kits

Get more power today with mid drive kits. Are you a hardcore rider? Love riding longer distances but you get fatigued quickly?

Stop the exhaustion today by supercharging your bike now. It's simple, affordable and good for your health too. 

Be one of the thousands of Australians who are converting their bikes to electric using an e-bike conversion kit, and enjoy a more comfortable, extended and exhilarating ride. 


Do you relate?

You're a hardcore bike rider, but you want more power and more speed. You're smashing it out up hills and various inclines but sometimes after a while, using this level of exertion becomes tiring. 

What happens then? You need to stop.

Unfortunately, by having a break you're weakening your work out, losing time and you stop enjoying the ride anymore. Get back the fun and the thrill of riding by buying yourself a Bafang mid-drive kit so you can convert your bike into a powerful high-performance bike. Creating a longer, further and harder ride. 

We have a massive range of Bafang mid-drive kits to suit all types of bikes. Whether you're in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else in Australia we'll help you get the right one for your bike. No matter your riding needs. And on top of all of this, we offer free delivery on all-electric bike kits.

Bafang Mid-Drive Kit In Australia

Supercharge your ride today. Bafang mid drive kits are sturdy, heavy-duty and high-performance motors which create a longer and more high powered ride. You’ll have your adrenaline pumping so hard you'll be wanting more and more each time. 

What makes a mid-drive motor special?

Mid-drive motors get fitted closer to the centre of your bicycle, transferring the power of the engine to the back wheel through the bikes chain drive. It’s creating a ride which lasts longer and pushes you harder. 

What makes a mid-drive motor so invigorating?

Well, the answer to this is simple. Because the motor is powering through the back wheel, it allows you to power the gear set the same as the pedals. Which means a low gear is used for powering up steep hills or accelerating from a complete stop using a massive spurt of energy. 

In low gear, you can climb steep hills and ride them for longer than a traditional hub motor. As these can overheat on long steep hill ascends.

So, for the severe and hardcore rider, a mid-drive motor is the way to go for smashing out massive hills and getting a true hardcore workout. 

Mid-drive motor benefits

Want to smash out those RPM's?


Mid-drive electric motors use the bikes gears as the engines transmission so the motor can run at the optimum RPM range. Which means you'll be smashing it out before you know it. 

For the serious and hardcore riders, here are reasons a mid-drive conversion kit is the best choice for you.  

  • You get increased performance

  • They're more efficient

  • They're better at climbing hills than any other electric bike motors 

  • They have far better weight distribution as the engine is positioned close to the centre of gravity and low to the ground

  • They offer you Improved handling

  • Believe it or not, they're easier to maintain

Finally, a mid-drive e-bike is more comfortable to ride. What? Yes, it's correct. It's because of the position it's installed on the bike. So, the extra weight on the wheels of a hub e-bike makes it tougher to pedal. 

But wait. 

Do you want to know what the best part is about a mid-drive electric bike kit?

They're the most simple e-bike kit to install.