We offer the largest range of e-bike batteries in Australia.

We have been working closely with our supplier for many years to ensure that our electric bike batteries meet the highest quality and best performance than other batteries on the market.

Why are they good? –

  • higher Amp battery management systems (BMS),
  • heavy gauge wiring (draw higher Amps for higher wattage motors),
  • high IPX (ingress & water resistant) rating,
  • strong mounting plates,
  • strong connecting pins (less chance of intermittent power outages – draws high current)
  • high quality cells – due to our high turnover, our batteries are never sitting on the shelf for very long
  • short duration between manufacturer to end user (batteries depreciate over time)
  • all of our batteries are made to our specific parameters.


All of our batteries come with compatible Australian certified chargers, Velcro securing straps & spare keys as standard.

Is there anything else you need

  • waterproof cover
  • additional Velcro straps,
  • mounting bolts,
  • installation tools (instructions for battery installation)
  • smart charger