5 Road Safety Must-Have Accessories for 2021

Yes, safety is critical, especially on eBikes.....

The joys of zipping around town or under leafy green trees along the trails with a modern E-bike are pretty hard to beat.

Although the exhilaration of heading out for another journey can be tempting, don’t take your chances on the road without the proper safety equipment and accessories.

Below are some of our favourite road safety accessories:

1. Bicycle Helmet

One of the most important accessories for any journey, whether a morning commute or a peaceful ride down the trails in the afternoon, is a sturdy, safe helmet.

Our Flite helmet provides superb protection against impacts whilst remaining comfortable and close-fitting (medium and large sizes available).

The style is sleek and in matt black, and there’s a visor to provide some shade from the sun’s rays whilst on the road.

Meets AS/NSZ 2020 standards for safety.

2. Day & Night Optic Mirror

It’s essential that you are aware of your surroundings whilst riding. While it’s always good to keep your eyes on the road ahead and to frequently check your peripheral vision for other vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians, looking behind you can be a real neck-twister.

Our anti-glare Optic Mirror clips easily onto most handlebars, swivels on a ball joint in multiple directions, and can be unclipped and folded away for safety and security.

In terms of performance, it’s lightweight and cuts down effectively on glare from headlights and the sun, thereby increasing safety on the road.

3. Riding Gloves

Keeping a steady and firm grip on the handlebars of an E-bike is more important than many may consider.

This isn’t like riding a tricycle as a child - E-bikes can output some serious power these days, so keep your hands firmly and comfortably in control with some high-quality Azur gloves.

The snug hook & loop fasteners keep the gloves firmly in place without any slippage, and the gel-padded palms provide cushion and comfort when in a neutral riding position.

We carry high-quality riding gloves in medium and large sizes.

4. Battery Straps

For E-bikes with downtube batteries (where a water bottle might normally be located on a racing bike), the risk of having the battery fall off and get damaged aren’t worth leaving to chance.

Keep your battery snug and secured to the bicycle’s downtube with our velcro battery straps.

Measuring 60cm and providing a tight fit around the downtube, these straps keep the battery secure and thereby preventing the risks of serious damage from impacts.

They can be used on other battery configurations as well, such as silverfish and water bottles.

This is a simple but effective product. A very popular item. 

Many returning customers have advised that they should have bought these from the start!

5. Child Safety Seat

Keep the littles ones safe and sound with our centre-mounted child safety seats.

Suitable for children aged 1-4, and for babies 6-12 months old provided their neck muscles are well developed.

The most obvious benefit of such a wonderful safety seat is that the centre mounting puts mama or papa right next to baby, but there are many other benefits too.

The seat is designed for superior balance, and there’s no handlebar attachment which makes it far safer than many other similar products on the market today.

Moreover, there’s no leg dangling and no need to worry about your youngun’ dozing off thanks to the front-facing headrest.

Keep safe at Pirez

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