5 Reasons Electric Bikes Are The Future

We live in an era where people are becoming more and more conscious of the future of this planet. More and more people are asking difficult questions about what they can do to live more sustainably.

One of the major causes of higher pollution levels is the problem of mobility and transportation. As motor vehicles turn electric at an increasingly higher speed, there is also the need to reduce the number of cars on the road. Are you mulling over introducing biking to your life? Read on for reasons why electric bikes are the future and why you should get ahead and get one.

1. Increase in cycling

During the covid era, more and more people have had a renewed interest and passion for health and fitness. Due to this many major cities spent millions of dollars on cycle lanes and traffic reducing measures. This means that more people have an incentive to cycle.

2. Traffic reducing

While electric cars are also a better option for the environment, they do not reduce the problem of traffic. For this reason, electric bikes are a better option in our ever evolving urban spaces. They reduce pollution, as well as the number of cars on the street and the number of parking lots that are needed in work areas. The incentives for biking are many.

3. A great middle ground

Whether you’ve personally tried it or not, over the last 5 years, electric scooters have swept across the world. It has become a popular way to travel when you want to go a short distance but you don’t have enough time to walk.

It is not, however, a viable option for a long distance. This is where electric bikes are an excellent middle ground between cars and scooters.

4. Time saving option

If you’re looking to avoid traffic and yet get around at a reasonably speedy rate then electric bikes are a great way of getting around on more than just pedal power.

They also ensure that you can travel a longer distance, just like a car, without the added problem of parking or road traffic. 

5. People are looking to get active

Most people now work sedentary jobs with minimal movement. A lot of commuting involves getting to the office all day, sitting down for 8 hours and heading home.

Due to this, many people are now looking for active transportation methods. If this sounds like you, then an electric bike could be just the right amount of exercise that you need to add to your day.

A perk of an electric bike is that you won’t need a shower as soon as you arrive at the office too. 


Electric bikes are the future for many reasons.

They help increase fitness levels in the population, reduce traffic on the roads, and also provide an excellent middle ground between scooters and cars.

If you are looking at improving your health and doing your bit to live sustainably on the planet then an electric bike could be the perfect substitute for your car. Get in touch with us at Pirez and we will guide you through your journey to becoming a responsible, environmentally conscious and healthy citizen.

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