5 Signs Your Electric Bike Needs Repair

5 Signs Your Electric Bike Needs Repair

Biking in general has become extremely popular in recent years. During the pandemic, as major cities faced major business closure, more people were staying at home. This meant cars were off the road, making way for safe biking everywhere. Along with cycling, electric bike possession soared, allowing people to merge commutes with exercise and fresh air.

Electric bikes are generally low maintenance and eco friendly too. However, the fact is, many people have become electric bike owners without fully understanding how to look after their newest possession. Read on for some signs that your electric bike may need some love and repair.

  1. Battery problems

If it appears that your battery is not retaining charge well, then this may mean that your battery needs replacing. It is important not to skimp on battery maintenance, as this will affect the whole mechanics of your electric bike.

  1. Charger issues

You may find your battery not working well is related to your charger. Any malfunction in the charger may result in damage to your battery. Ensure that the charger is compatible with your battery. 

  1. Tyre problems

If your commutes are taking longer than usual then this may be related to your bike tyres. When choosing your bike, ensure that the tyres are durable and lasting. Some problems such as punctures can be easily solved, however, if it is a recurring problem, then your tyres may need replacing completely. An electric bike repair shop can help with this.

  1. Less efficient

You may not be able to pinpoint the problem, but overall, your bike may be less efficient. This could be down to a build up of debris and dust inside. A bike repair shop will be able to advise on this. 

  1. Noisy chain

If the bike chain is noisy or keeps getting stuck then this may also be due to dust or debris. Lubricating the chain may help solve the issue. Your local and trusted bike repair shop will be able to help you resolve this.


Bikes can help enrich your life and bring much joy by way of increased exercise, more time outdoors and shorter and cheaper commutes. However, like most things, they need a little maintenance every now and then. If your electric bike isn’t charging well, the battery keeps draining quickly, the motor's a bit sluggish or it is simply less efficient overall, then it may be time for a trip to your local bike repair shop.

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