Pirez - 6 Cycling Tips to Revolutionise Your Ebike Lifestyle

It doesn’t matter whether if you are new or experienced with electric bikes, because you may not know these tips at all or you fail to apply these tips every time you ride your ebike. 

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5 Cycling Tips To Revolutionise Your Ebike Life

1. Don’t hunch your shoulders or back

By not hunching your shoulders, you avoid muscle soreness and fatigue. Remember to tilt your head every few minutes to prevent your neck muscles from being tight. More often than not, you may catch yourself hunching your back when you’re exhausted or because it is a habit. To suppress this habit, shift to a higher gear and stand to pedal to prevent stiffness in your hips and back.

2. Keep your shoulders behind the front wheel axle

You should always remember to ride with your elbows slightly bent and both your arms and shoulders relaxed. This will help stop any fatigue caused by muscle tension. Moreover, it enables your arms to release road vibration rather than transmitting it to your body.

3. Relax your grip

If you are riding on a smooth path and there is no traffic at all, try draping your hands over the handlebar. This will help relieve any muscle tension, and will also reduce the amount of road vibration transmitted to your body. Take a hand off the bar, shake the fatigue out of it - relax your shoulders, elbows and body! It also enables blood to flow to your hand and thus prevent numbness which can be extremely dangerous when you are riding your electric bike.

4. Keep your arms in line with your body 

By not having your elbows splayed out, you make yourself more aerodynamic and quicker without having to expend more energy.

5. Be extra careful around cars

It doesn’t matter if you have been riding your commuter electric bike for 7 years, you need to be always extra cautious around any vehicle. When you see a car has stopped, slow down and keep an eye on their front wheels for the first hint of any movement. Upon seeing any movement, get ready to brake, and yell to get the driver’s attention. When you are approaching parked cars, slow down and scan the car windows in case a person may suddenly pull out into your lane or open their car door. You can also spot pedestrians who are about to step out from between cars. To be extra safe, always wear a helmet and bright clothes so that all vehicle drivers are aware of you. However, you should always assume they cannot see you and be prepared. Being more cautious and prepared can save your life.

6. Charge your ebike battery often 

You should treat your ebike battery in a similar way you treat your laptop or phone batteries. Never let your battery fully die because it can be damaged or become completely unusable. It is highly recommended that you charge your ebike battery after each ride to avoid having a drained battery and you being stuck in the middle of a trip. 

In fact, you should aim to charge your battery to 80–90 percent to get maximum cycle life and to help preserve your ebike battery. 

Pirez - 6 Cycling Tips to Change Your Ebike Experience

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