Pirez Bikes - Why Should Mums Choose an Electric Bike?

Electronic bikes have become increasingly popular among various demographics, among them mums with the care of many kids. With their electric assistance, they provide an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. Mums can benefit from the added convenience and comfort of electric bikes, especially when navigating urban areas or running errands. This article will explore the reasons why mums should consider an electric bike, taking into account their uniqueness.


About Ebikes Melbourne: Female Cyclers

According to the Australian Cycling Participation 2019, nearly 3.43 million Australians ride bikes for transport or as a recreational activity on a regular basis. The 2019 report shows that cycling is one of the most popular forms of physical activity in Australia. 


In the city of Melbourne, it’s reported that females' participation in cycling is lower, and the use of electronic bikes has been shown to increase it - owing to the fact that they make it easier to carry groceries and children. Moreover, Melbourne's modes of transportation are known to be the busiest, making it unsuitable for mums to navigate with strollers during rush hour.


As a result, mothers who move around with their children in Melbourne are facing challenges in finding appropriate ways to transport them.


Ebikes Melbourne Are Emission Free

Ebikes produce no tailpipe emissions, making them an environmentally friendly transportation option. By using an ebike for daily errands, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced, saves money, and benefits the environment. With motor assistance, ebikes provide a fast and efficient mode of transportation, especially in cities with bike-friendly infrastructure like Melbourne. 


Many ebikes are customised to carry cargo and with additional seating can make shopping or carrying kids a breeze. Furthermore, charging ebikes with solar panels or renewable energy sources further reduces environmental impacts.


Fast and Flexible

Pirez Electric Bikes - Fast and Flexible

Ebike technology provides an extra boost to breeze through daily commutes and run errands with minimal effort. It’s an excellent option for commuting in urban areas where multi-purpose cycle lanes and traffic-free paths can significantly reduce travel time. As more governments and councils encourage people to ditch their cars, ebikes are making their way to become commonplace in cities. However, since they can reach high speeds, it’s crucial to wear a helmet for safety.

Fun fact! In Melbourne, it’s mandatory to wear a helmet and protective gear when riding a bike or a scooter.


Ebikes Melbourne Comes With A Variety Of Design

Electric bikes come in different designs to cater to various riding styles and purposes. The frame shape, motor, battery placement, handlebar, saddle, and pedal types can vary depending on the intended use and rider's needs. 


At Pirez, the design of an electric bike is a crucial factor in determining its performance, comfort, and suitability for various types of riding. Therefore, as manufacturers, we create various designs to appeal to a wide range of customers with varying needs and preferences.


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About Pirez

Pirez is an electric bike company based in Melbourne and offers delivery services across Australia. Our passion for electric bikes drives us to share the fun, freedom, and advantages of ebikes with as many people as we can. 


Besides offering competitive prices for top-quality products, we also provide conversion services for regular bikes to be converted to electric bikes. Our expertise lies in lithium-ion batteries and conversion kits. Contact us today for the latest deal!

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