Our Top 3 - Electric Scooters for Children and Children at Heart

There used to be a time when scooters were child’s play. Not that that’s a bad thing, and modern scooters such as our high-quality electric scooters at Pirez can be excellent for children today, but they’re fantastically trendy and functional for adults, too!

So no matter whether you’re a child or a child at heart, you’ll be sure to find a top-notch electric scooter to meet your daily needs for exercise, to zip around town, or for the morning commute. Below are our top three electric scooter picks:

Shogun - Flyer Scooter

Often called the perfect eScooter, the SHOGUN Flyer Electric Scooter provides top value for your hard-earned dollar. The main features of the SHOGUN Flyer are its superb ergonomic form and compact design. Although it only packs a 300W motor, the Flyer can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h (there are three variable speed settings) and is suitable for occasional daily use.

Furthermore, the Flyer comes with front and rear mechanical brakes, front and rear LED lights, and light-up handlebars to further improve visibility when the sun starts to go down.

Another benefit is its compact size and light 15 kg weight, which allows riders to pack the scooter away with ease or to tuck it into the car boot when going on holiday.

This model is an excellent all-around choice for children, adolescents, and adults alike as it can support up to 120 kg in weight.

Dragon - 500W - Urban X5 Scooter (Commuter)

The Urban X5 Commuter eScooter is, as the name implies, a superb commuter scooter for daily use. The high-powered 500W electric motor propels riders at speeds up to 25 km/h and for up to 45 km on each charge, which should be sufficient for the morning and evening commute as well as some recreational use if desired.

10-inch tubeless tyres provide unparalleled comfort for the rider over various types of paved terrain, without unnecessary rattling or vibration, as well as top-notch stability and safety.

This model can also be propped up with a side kickstand or easily folded away, such as to put into a car boot for transport.

This particular model is perhaps the most attractive eScooter choice in Australia for commuting purposes, and we’re proud to keep this trusty model in stock here at Pirez.

Dragon - 1600W - GTR V2 Scooter (Racer) 

Looking for best in class when it comes to maximum performance in an eScooter? The aptly named DRAGON GTR V2 eScooter is a true beast, with off-roading capability, a durable aviation-grade alloy body, and powerful 1600W electric motor. 

The powerful motor can achieve top speeds of 25 km/h (restricted) and a top unrestricted speed of up to 50 km/h. Distances of up to 60 km can be achieved on a single charge.

This particular model cannot be used on public roadways and is designed for heavy-duty off-road usage. For this purpose, riders will enjoy an exciting ride thanks to the built in shock-resistant suspension system, rear-wheel & dual wheel drive, and 10-inch all-terrain tyres.

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