A Guide to Our E-Bike Maintenance Services

E-bikes need plenty of good quality maintenance and servicing to remain in top shape and to perform at peak performance year-round. That’s why Pirez offers affordable, high-quality e-bike repairs and servicing from our qualified team of mechanics at our Derrimut location.

Here’s why you should have your e-bike repaired and/or serviced and what you can expect from our friendly team of experts:

An E-Bike is a Lot Like a Car

New vehicles have servicing intervals based on kilometres travelled and years of use. You wouldn’t likely want to keep driving around your brand new BMW without having it routinely serviced, so why should you ignore servicing for your e-bike?

They aren’t exactly the same thing, but they both have something important in common: routine servicing is essential for e-bikes just as it is for new vehicles.

Routine Servicing Goes a Long Way

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying normally goes for our own bodies. For vehicles - including e-bikes - the prevention of serious mechanical or electrical problems comes with proper diagnosis.

Routine servicing does go a long way to keeping your e-bike in tip-top shape for years to come. Batteries can degrade or otherwise see their capacity reduced due to electrical or mechanical wear and tear, tyres can reduce your e-bike’s range with insufficient tyre air pressure, or mechanical faults may call for professional repair and/or replacement.

Repairs & Servicing Options for E-Bikes

Which options do you have for e-bike repairs and servicing in Melbourne? At Pirez, we offer the following packages:

  • Battery Health Test: e-bike batteries do degrade over time, but the question is “how quickly is my e-bike battery degrading?” The answer is a professional battery health test, provided basically for FREE if replacement is required. 
  • Regular Bike Service: if you’ve got a regular bicycle (not an e-bike), then our professional mechanics can service it. Our standard regular bike service includes a safety check, gear tuning, brake tuning, chain lubrication, tyre pumping, and a test ride to keep it in top shape.
  • General E-Bike Service: casual e-bike riders will love our general e-bike service, which comes with all of the following: safety check, brake tuning, gear tuning, tyre pumping, chain lubrication, test ride, bolt & motor mount check, and a thorough check of the battery connections and terminals.
  • Premium E-Bike Service: frequent e-bike riders and commuters that get a lot of daily use out of their e-bikes will love our premium e-bike service, which comes with all of the routine checks included in our general e-bike service as well as: dry wash, main reduction gear regrease, full drivetrain degrease, full cycle of battery for capacity loss, cable lubrication, and a 5% discount on all replacement parts.
  • Comprehensive E-Bike Service: the big kahuna of e-bike servicing is our comprehensive e-bike service, which includes all of the aforementioned checks as well as: true wheels, headset regrease, hub regrease, replacement of gear cables, and a replacement of front and rear brake pads (worth $51.90 in value).

Certified E-Bike Mechanics in Melbourne

Always ensure that you choose certified e-bike mechanics in Melbourne to get the most out of your beloved e-bike.


Keep those wheels spinning with repairs and professional e-bike servicing available from Pirez.

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